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No need to constantly feel down; read about the benefits of exercise for mental health.

Learn How Exercise Improves Mental Health

Learn more about exercise’s positive impacts to your mental health, and see why experts have consistently recommended it.

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See the role social media plays in one's mental health.

Does Social Media Really Affect Mental Health? Take a Look

While social media has connected us to contents from various touchpoints, its excessive use can lead to negative impacts on mental health. Learn more here.

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Check out sugar substitutes that aren't as harmful.

Avoiding Sugar? Check Out These 5 Substitutes to Try

Looking to avoid sugar as much as possible? Check out these sugar substitutes that may add sweetness to your food, minus the guilt!

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Discover some of the common causes of headaches here.

What Are the Common Causes of Headaches?

Headaches, especially when they are intense, can greatly disrupt daily routines and schedules. Learn why people often experience these and how to resolve them.

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These probiotic food choices are a welcome addition to your diet!

3 Probiotic Foods Your Body Will Thank You For

Probiotics provide beneficial bacteria that can positively impact your health. Take note of these top probiotic food choices you can add to your diet.

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Learn when coughs and colds occur more often in the Philippines.

When Is It Peak Season for Cough and Colds?

There are times of the year when you are more prone to cough and colds. Learn when you should watch out for these health issues and prevent them accordingly.

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Take note of the link between genetics and hypertension here.

Does Family History Play a Role in Onset of Hypertension?

Ever wondered if family history does raise your hypertension risk? Take note what studies have shown and how to prevent this health problem from affecting you.

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Check out the things you should not eat when you are struggling with headache, fever, or flu.

What Not to Eat When You Are Feeling Ill

When you are sick, what you eat helps with your recovery. Take note of the items you should not eat when you are ill and the ideal substitutes for them.

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Learn how exercise can help cancer patients before, during, and after treatment.

Can You Exercise If You Have Cancer?

Is it okay to exercise if you have cancer? Find out how physical activity can do wonders for cancer patients.

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