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Learn more about the many ways immune supplements can benefit your health.
Learn more about the many ways immune supplements can benefit your health.

3 Ways Immunity Supplements Boost Your Protection

You’re exposed to bacteria and viruses, a.k.a. germs, on a daily basis and they can compromise your health if they cause infections. A lot of the time, many people have detrimental lifestyle habits, involuntarily or otherwise, like eating not-so-healthy fast food, getting less-than-ideal quality of sleep, and being sedentary

One of the best ways to strengthen your body’s immune system is to get as much nutrients from the food you eat, and you can also benefit from the help that nutritional supplements can provide. 

If you’re thinking about adding supplements to your health arsenal, here are several reasons why this is a good idea! See how immune supplements can benefit your health here.

#1: Supplements close the gap on the amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs on a daily basis and the amount you actually get.

Experts have already determined the daily recommended amounts for various nutrients, but a lot of people are unable to meet their daily quotas due to multiple reasons. 

Immune-boosting supplements usually contain higher amounts of immune-boosting nutrients like vitamins C and D, and zinc. These supplements provide your body additional amounts of these vital nutrients making it likelier that you reach the recommended daily intake.

#2: Supplements help reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies and the resulting diseases.

Take note that it’s not the supplements themselves that reduce your risk for nutritional deficiencies and illnesses, but rather the nutrients they provide. These vitamins and minerals can make a significant difference by raising your body’s levels of the essential nutrients it needs to function properly and prevent the development of disease. 

#3: Supplements often work in tandem with each other to provide more benefits. 

A lot of the time nutrients work together, kind of like a team, to improve your body’s functioning. For instance, supplements with vitamins A and C may help your body absorb more iron, while vitamin D supplements have a role in increased calcium absorption.

Consider These Supplements in Your Immune-Boosting Starter Pack 

Looking for a supplement that may be your ally in boosting immune system health? Here are some options you may want to discuss with your physician:

  • Ascorbic Acid: You can never go wrong with these budget-friendly supplements that vitamin C.
  • Sodium Ascorbate: Being less acidic than Vitamin C, this supplement may help prevent or address a vitamin C deficiency and improve the body’s defenses against infectious diseases. 
  • Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc: Aside from vitamin C as sodium ascorbate, this supplement gets an added boost thanks to zinc, and both of these may help strengthen your body’s immune system against infections.
  • Vitamin D: To help prevent vitamin D deficiency, and in effect lower your risk for osteoporosis, heart disease, and other chronic diseases.

Before taking any of these supplements, consult first with a physician or health professional to determine your ideal dosage. Factors like your age and current health status can affect your body’s nutrient requirements.

Take note as well that supplements aren’t meant to replace other crucial parts of a healthy lifestyle – they’re there to complement an already existing set of healthful practices. When taking any immune-boosting supplement, see to it that you’re following a proper diet loaded with nutrient-rich food,doing as much exercise as you can, and getting good quality sleep.

More importantly, if symptoms of any illness still persist, consult your doctor immediately.