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Take note of the link between genetics and hypertension here.

Does Family History Play a Role in Onset of Hypertension?

Ever wondered if family history does raise your hypertension risk? Take note what studies have shown and how to prevent this health problem from affecting you.

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Learn whether blood pressure and blood sugar are connected here.

Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure: Are They Related?

If you’re wondering whether blood sugar and blood pressure are linked to each other, check out this read to find out.

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Different Types of Hypertension

From silent killers to more manageable peaks, hypertension comes in many forms. Gain insights into the different types and stay ahead of your health game.

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Heart Friendly Food for a Hearty Holiday Feast

While our fave dishes hold a spot in our hearts, the quest for healthier eating habits can limit our indulgence. Searching for alternatives? Watch this.

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Click here to learn about home hypertension first aid that you can use during an emergency.

First Aid Guide for Hypertension at Home

Try to keep your blood pressure stable while waiting for a healthcare professional. Read this first-aid guide to keep your hypertension from worsening.

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Learn about the dangers of having high levels of cholesterol.

A Guide to High Cholesterol: What Does It Really Mean?

High cholesterol levels have always been linked to hypertension – but what exactly is it? Learn what cholesterol is and why high levels of it are harmful.

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Learn more about the potential causes of hypertension or high blood pressure levels.

6 Factors That Can Raise Your Hypertension Risk

Discover the reasons why you can be affected with hypertension.

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These lifestyle improvement tips may help if you are dealing with hypertension.

5 Lifestyle Changes For Better Blood Pressure

Here’s what you can do to maintain healthy BP levels.

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Unhealthy food plays a role in blood pressure levels - take note of the food items you need to avoid to prevent them from rising.

Do You Have High Blood Pressure? Avoid These 3 Food Items

These food items are no-nos if you want lower BP levels.

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